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Satellite is a friendly but organized Alliance raiding guild on the Dragonblight server (PVE). We raid 9PM-midnight PST Tues/Wed/Thurs, and our members are primarily adults with jobs and families who live on the west coast of the USA and in the Pacific Region. In order to keep the guild smallish and friendly, we are currently recruiting for all classes/specs listed in the "Currently Recruiting". If you are interested and are in one of those categories, please read the Policies and FAQ document linked at upper left before applying.

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The Legion Fell (Archie and many more down!)

by Wier, 364 days ago

Since we last left our intrepid heroes they completed the perilous *gasp* NORMAL mode of Hellfire and expanded their success to slay 8 heroic bosses. Behold their glory!


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